5G is the fifth-generation mobile network. The 5th global wireless network enables to connect everyone and everything virtually including machines and objects. Up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G is creating never before seen opportunities with faster Connectivity speed and great bandwidth is advancing and transforming industries and enhancing every day. With 5G technology, we can help create a smarter and safer future. Moreover, it runs on the same radio frequencies that are being used by mobile phones but it enables technology to go further.5G is really about connecting things everywhere without a lag for people's convenience. This network has a high potential as things have changed firmly since the first generation of mobile technology. The 1G era was defined by a short conversation between relatively small numbers of professions. Later, in the lead of 2G, the demand for mobile services grew. Portable phones, SMS, and access to the internet were available in the times of 3G. The times of 4G provided us access to smartphones and YouTube. Now 5G is reshaping our professional lives by taking over.5G will improve much more and then improve your network access. It provides new opportunities for innovative solutions across society. In the meantime, you can imagine millions of devices sharing information to reduce road accidents or lifesaving apps taking flights.

5G has opened ways of improving safety. Smarter electricity grids for fewer carbon emissions. Faster placement of emergency services. Connecting sensors that can warn of natural disasters. Production lines react to supply and demand. Remote access to powerful robots to improve safety in risky. Logistics networks supply goods based on the real world. Delivering sensory experiences through devices. Reliable connection in crowded places. Engaging methods of teaching through captivating content.5G gives communication service providers the ability to serve the host of use-cases and use-places with lighting connectivity. From smartphones to smart factories 5G is the open network that enables society to leap towards a smarter and safer future.

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