Edge Computing is a distributed open IT architecture that features scattered processing power, enabling technologies. The data is processed by a device and transmitted to a data Centre. Edge Computing enables effective management like, opening extra lanes, managing car flows, and so on. Furthermore, as it brings the data closer to its sources it can benefit businesses and bandwidth availability. Many companies like Microsoft have proven that we can trust them with our data. In the beginning, we had one big computer. Next, we progressed to personal computers which were the first time people owned hardware. As of right now, we are in the cloud computing era ND still some people own computers. The great thing about this era is many companies now rely on infrastructure, machine learning, etc.

Now we should realize that there is not much space left in the cloud space as the advent of edge computing. Edge computing allows doing the computing at a near source of data, instead of relying on the cloud or a dozen centers. One great driver for edge computing is the speed of light. Like if a computer needs to ask computer B the user of computer B perceives this as a delay. It might be weird to think of it this way but the security and privacy features on iPhone ate an example of edge computing. As Apple folds a ton of security concerns from the centralized clouds to its users. I have no idea that if the industries will ever adapt to Microsoft's solution but most of the hardware will have their software updated automatically from now. This guess can be made by seeing the great progress of Microsoft. The management aspect of edge computing is hugely important for security. Apart, security is not the only way that will help to solve the problems of the Internet of Things. For example, if you buy one security camera you can stream all footage but if you buy a dozen of them it will have a bandwidth problem. But if your cameras are smart enough to only save the major footage your internet pipes are saved. With time Google is also getting smarter at combining local features for privacy and bandwidth. It doesn't work very well for its stated purpose but according to concepts, it's quintessential edge computing. The companies who do it best will control more life experiences as people won't have to worry about the security when it's managed by Google Amazon Microsoft Apple you will just take what you are given.

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