A software technology that makes it easy to build and manage software robots that imitate human actions by the interaction of digital systems. As robots can do some daily human activities like keystrokes, extracting and providing data, navigating systems and software robots can perform these tasks more efficiently without the need for a stretch or a break. Furthermore, it smoothens the work process which makes the organization responsive and flexible. With a high percentage of employee satisfaction by excluding tiresome activities from their daily work. Software robots, unlike people, perform repetitive and lox value works whereas can perform intellectual tasks such as engaging in chats and understanding data when so humans are freed from their high volume tasks they get a chance to collaborate and interact with customers along with high productivity and efficiency. Far beyond RPA has been implemented as diverse as finance, legal, customer service, operation and these are just the starters. RPA can address the operational issue of industries in new ways. It improves many processes yielding higher capacity and fewer errors.IT believes that RPA has become a key enabler for digital transformation as it requires little disruption. Employees find RPA easy to adopt which let them become citizen developer with their simple automation. Many are finding that RPA is serving as AI's last-mile delivery system. Robots can be constructed for automated decision-making, bringing machine intelligence deep into day-to-day operations.

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